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                                  Automatic Transmission to Manual Conversion on a Classic Mini

The A series transverse automatic gearbox, like the manual, is pretty much unique in its design and operation. Foremost, it uses the engine oil rather than a separate Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) as its hydraulic power, it is therefore critical that regular oil changes and servicing is performed. As vehicles age and change hands, this service history can be lost, forgotten or just ignored. The unfortunate outcome is the eventual failure of the transmission. To repair these units can be over £1,000 excluding labour costs to remove the existing engine so converting the car to manual transmission can become a viable option.

If you currently own a Mini with automatic transmission we can now offer the facility to convert it to manual transmission. This service is a fixed price of £500 labour + parts or £750.oo labour if your car is a Japanese import with factory fitted air conditioning

We will need your car for a minimum of three days, we can offer a collection and delivery service at extra cost.

We can also supply any engine / gearbox combination through our trusted suppliers, so you can choose a sedate 998cc unit through to hairy 90 BHP 1380cc

We can source the parts that are required but if you want to find these at auto jumbles etc these are the items you will need to find.

  • Clutch Pedal - this can be fitted to your existing pedal box
  • Clutch Master Cylinder - We recommend a new one
  • Clutch slave cylinder +flexible pipe - We recommend a new one
  • Gear stick selector assembly + gaitor cover and gear stick knob
  • Subframe adaptor plates or replace the front subframe.
  • Engine and manual gearbox assembly
  • Service consumables - oil, filters, plugs etc
  • We offer an allowance on your old unit - this varies depending on type and condition

Whilst carrying this conversion out we would recommend fitting new engine mounts and looking closely at the suspension cones.

You cannot use the existing engine to mate to a manual gearbox the oilways are completely different and the automatic front subframe is slightly wider hence the adaptor plates or replacing the subframe. The park switch inhibitor ( if you are doing this yourself) needs to be bypassed otherwise the car will not start!

The benefits of this conversion are two fold, firstly automatic minis tend to have covered very low mileages by elderly ladies and are traditionally in fairly good original condition and secondly as these automatic cars are not so sought after they can often be purchased much cheaper than their manual counterparts. So when looking on on- line auction sites do not discount those cheap automatics that are always on offer!



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