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                               Classic Mini -  Drum Brake to Disc Brake Conversion and converting from 12" wheels to 10" wheels

It is becoming very popular to run your Mini on 10" wheels. For some, the reason is they prefer the "retro look". At Rutland Minis we think the reason should be this, nothing handles like a Mini on 10" rims shod with premium rubber

Classic Minis currently running on 10" wheels with drum brakes

We offer a complete parts package that includes:

2 x 7.5" Discs Screws to fix disc to drive flange
Disc Pads 2 x Swivel Hubs
2 x Calipers 4 x Ball Joints
2 x Brake Hoses + copper washers Tapered washer
2 x CV joints Split pins
2 x Wheel Bearings Caliper Mounting Bolts
2 x Drive Flanges  

This kit can be supplied and fitted for £ 725.00

Our second package is to convert the brakes of a Classic Mini with 12" wheels that currently has 8.4" disc brakes fitted to accept 10" Wheels.

This package includes

Calipers Split pins
7.5" Discs + Pads Copper washers for brake hoses
Drive Flanges and Screws Drive Flanges

This kit can be supplied and fitted for £425.00, this excludes any wheels and tyres.


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